Autumn term 2013

Sat 21.9
10am - 2pm
19.10 10am - 2pm 
Sat 16.11 10am - 2pm
Sat 14.12 10am - 2pm

Spring term 2014

Sat 18.1 10am - 2pm
Sat 15.2 10am - 2pm
Sat 15.3 10am - 2pm
Sat 12.4 10am - 2pm
Sat 17.5 10am - 2pm

Exams at the Faculty of Education are on Saturdays (10am-2pm). Exams are usually in the Fellman hall. A student must check before the exam the place and time from WebOodi.

Registration for an exam must be done at least ten (10) days before an exam. Registration is done through WebOodi.

On the exam days it is possible to take an examination in all major fields i.e. education, gender studies, adult education and media education.

Dates and procedures for exams at the other faculties should be checked on their pages.