Exam procedures

When packing for an exam, a student has to take at least two pens (just in case), an eraser and an ID card (or a student card) with him/her. You are allowed to take something small to eat with you. If you have some snacks, make sure they are packed in see-through packages and make sure you eat quietly. Mobile phones must be at least silenced, but preferably switched off. You must have your mobile phone in your bag, not with you! During an exam student’s belongings (bags etc.) must be on sides of the hall.

When going to an exam students have to be in time. Students are invited by name to the exam hall. Usually students get their exam questions at this point in an envelope. The envelope must not be opened until a supervisor gives permission!

A student cannot take any notes etc. with him/her in an exam. However a dictionary is allowed (without markings). All kind of cheating is highly disapproved! If a student is cheating, the examination is failed in every case. If an exchange student gets caught cheating, the university in the home country will be informed. If a degree student is caught cheating, he/ she will get a warning or even a temporary expulsion from the university.

A student can not leave the exam hall until after a half an hour has passed from the beginning. If someone arrives to the exam late, but before the half an hour has passed, he/ she can still take part to the exam. If exceeding the 30 minutes, it is still possible to attend, if no one has left the hall. Bear in mind that arriving late will disturb the other participants.

Bathroom breaks are possible, if there are at least two supervisors in the exam hall. If you have to go to the bathroom rise your hand and the supervisor will come to escort you to the bathroom. Only one student at a time! Going to the bathroom during an exam is always an exception!

When a student has answered all the exam questions, he/she takes all the papers and brings them to the supervisor. At this point, the student is asked to show his/her ID card (or student card) and to sign a list of attendees.

Make sure you take the other examiners into account. It is highly impolite to disturb others. Speaking is not allowed in the exam hall. Everybody should have peaceful surroundings to make an examination!

Good luck for the exams!