Research at the Faculty of Law

In line with its national educational mission, the Faculty of Law conducts research in all major fields within the discipline, such as public law, private law as well as criminal law and judicial procedure.

Research focuses on:

  • Specific issues of the northern region
  • Research on legal linguistics and cultures as well as legal information management
  • Legal research relating to societal change, technological development and globalisation
  • Tourism law and
  • Legal research relating to human rights.

Legal informatics, legal linguistics and air and space law have established their role within the discipline. Furthermore, research on consumer taxation in tourism has been a traditional focus area of the Faculty. In future, research on international, European and national environmental law, Sámi rights and the rights of the aged will constitute important focus areas. Studies are also carried out in cooperation with other disciplines.

As general profiles, research at the Faculty of Law is steered by two themes:

  • Justice in the national and international north and
  • Multifaceted law in a changing world.