Basic information on the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences is the largest of the four faculties of the University of Lapland. There are roughly 1,800 undergraduates and 140 personnel, including 20 professors. The faculty has about 100 postgraduate students.

Approximately 150 Bachelor’s degrees, 100 Master’s degrees, and10 licentiate’s or doctor’s degrees are taken annually in the Faculty of Social Sciences. The faculty was established in 1982.

It has a 9-member Faculty Council that is elected every other year. Professors select one-third of the members from among themselves; teachers, researchers, and other personnel one-third; and students the remaining third.

The Faculty Council selects a dean for the term of the council. The dean directs, supervises, and develops faculty activities and functions as the council chair.

The Faculty Office attends to personnel employment issues, enters study attainments into the credit record, updates the study guides, and administers degree awarding and student selection.