Tasks of the Faculty Council

The Faculty of Social Sciences forms a basic administrative unit of research and teaching. The faculty's administration is carried out by the Faculty Council and the dean, whose term covers two calendar years.

The council has nine members. Professors select one-third of the members from among themselves; other teachers, researchers, and personnel one-third; and students the remaining third. A corresponding number of deputy members are chosen from each group. The election takes place every other year.

The rector appoints a dean for a four-year term after hearing the Faculty Council. The dean directs, supervises, and develops faculty activities, functions as the council chair, and decides on issues under the faculty’s authority that are not laid down or defined as matters to be ruled by the Faculty Council.

The tasks of the Faculty Council are: to assess and develop teaching and research conducted in the faculty, to make a proposal for the faculty’s operational and financial plan, to make proposals for filling professor's posts, to decide on faculty-specific student selection criteria, to approve the curricula, and to approve and grade pro gradu theses (i.e. master's theses), licentiate's theses, and dissertations on the basis of examiner statements. The Faculty Council also acts as a preparatory body in issues ruled by the University Board and the Administrative Office.