LAPPEA Research Institute for the Study of Northern Society

The LAPPEA Research Institute for the Study of Northern Society was founded in 2008. It is a multidisciplinary research institute that unites the research and development activities of the various disciplines of the Faculty of Social Sciences under one umbrella. The research at the institute focuses especially on the key strategic areas of the faculty, namely work, welfare, politics and applied information technology. The LAPPEA Research Institute combines research facilities and utilises the available skills, knowledge, and cooperation networks with funding agencies, entrepreneurs and other research and educational institutions.<

The aim of the LAPPEA Research Institute is to strengthen social scientific research and increase the numbers and quality of research publications and help the disciplines to successfully take part in competition over international research funding. The research done at the Institute tries to recognise and anticipate especially emergent phenomena of life in the northern societies. The research focusing on northern and arctic societies reinforces the University of Lapland 2020 strategy and the Institute is the key service provider of research conducted in cooperation with the local and regional level entrepreneurs, government agencies and other local actors in Northern Finland.

Contact information:

Development managemer Raimo Jänkälä +358 40 510 9481,

Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Lapland
P.O. Box 122, 96101 Rovaniemi