Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences focuses on:
  • Changing work and its management
  • Northern politics, economy and environment
  • People at the margins of welfare
  • Construction, use and management of information.
Research is carried out in multidisciplinary research teams that cross the boundaries of subjects and faculties. Research conducted by the Faculty is also characterised by open-mindedness and a critical attitude – for example, psychology is merged with administrative sciences, research on working life with environmental studies, art with business studies, ICT with social work, and cultural history with researching international politics.

Research is steered by two general themes:
  • Nordic communities and societal change, and
  • Tourism as (socially, culturally, economically and ecologically) sustainable activity.
Research on northern communities and societal change comes under LAPPEA Research Institute for the Study of Northern Society, while tourism research is the responsibility of the Lapland Institute for Tourism Research and Education.