Faculty of Social Sciences

The major subjects available in the Faculty of Social Sciences are: administrative science, management, public law, international relations, rehabilitation science, tourism research, social work, sociology, applied psychology, and political science.

Students of applied psychology study administrative science, especially management psychology, as the major subject for their Master’s degree. In addition, students majoring in social work may choose to focus on gerontological social work.

The minor subjects offered by the faculty are: design management, philosophy, information technology, international law, economics, cultural history, accounting, marketing, psychology, social gerontology, social policy, applied mathematics, statistics, social studies as a teaching subject, environmental studies, entrepreneurship studies, and business law.

In addition, the faculty provides many multidisciplinary study modules in English. Major subjects can also be studied as minor subjects.

Application guidelines to programs available for international students can be found at the International Office Admission web-site.
The faculty provides several major subjects that in Finland are only available at the University of Lapland. Teaching deriving from teachers’ own research is arranged through cooperation between programmes and the entire faculty. The main areas of research are: changing work and its management, Northern politics, economy and the environment, people in the margins of welfare, and information usage and management.

Those who graduate from the Faculty of Social Sciences have good employment opportunities for example in public administration, organizations, and in business and economy.