Financing of Postgraduate Studies

When the right to postgraduate studies has been given, the student must personally arrange the financing, which can be based on either salary or grants. The economically most stable option is to work as a postgraduate in a doctoral programme. But since doctoral programmes are extremely popular, one should carefully study other financial options as well.

One possibility is to apply to research projects headed by experienced researchers. Most of these extensive research projects are financed by the Academy of Finland and last for several years.

Many researchers finance at least part of their postgraduate studies through grants provided by funds and associations. Research supervisors give further instructions on field-specific financing options.

Most universities also have their own databases or lists to assist you in your search for funding. The web pages of the University of Lapland (For Current Researchers) also contain information on the rector’s grant as well as a list of other options.
Doctoral programmes

In Finland, doctoral education has undergone great changes in recent years, and this trend will continue. Doctoral education is provided in national, international, or universities’ own doctoral programmes.

At the University of Lapland, postgraduate students have four doctoral programmes to choose from. Three of them are thematic, multidisciplinary doctoral programmes: Culture-Centred Service Design, Northern Cultures and Sustainable Natural Resource Politics, and Communities and Changing Work. They are coordinated by the Graduate School of the University of Lapland. To see the application procedure and postgraduate study requirements of these programmes, go to

Besides the thematic programmes, there is also the General Doctoral Programme for postgraduates following a variety of discipline-oriented learning paths. The subject-specific postgraduate studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences belong to the General Doctoral Programme.

The three thematic doctoral programmes of the University of Lapland recruit students during their application periods, which are announced separately. The researcher positions of the doctoral programmes are meant for full-time postgraduate studying, and the students may get paid for their work. The number of these positions is very limited. In addition, status places in doctoral programmes may be given to students who finance their studies e.g. by a grant from a foundation that supports postgraduate education. You may also apply to the thematic programmes to study without pay or a designated status place.

Information on the application periods and recruiting is provided by the doctoral programmes as well as the university’s Graduate School, faculties, and subjects.

Further information: Tarmo Körkkö, Chief Administrative Officer