Publication of the Doctoral dissertation

Dissertations are published in printed form before the public examination. They may also be published in electronic form.

A dissertation can be published in the university’s own Acta Universitatis Lapponiensis series, in some other scientific series, by a commercial publisher, or as an author’s edition. It is mainly the candidate’s task to find a publisher and to select the publishing forum. If the dissertation is to be published in the Acta series, the process supervisor makes a proposal to the faculty about the publication. The Faculty Council decides on including the dissertation in the Acta series.

The Lapland University Press handles the publishing of dissertations in the Acta series. It also delivers the finalized copies to the faculty. However, it is the candidate’s task to deliver the manuscript to the university press and to take care of the other issues related to publishing (e.g. the publishing contract). Dissertations published in other series or as an author’s edition must be delivered to the chief of administration in 45 copies no later than 10 days before the public examination. If a dissertation is published in electronic form, 45 printed copies must still be delivered to the faculty. Whether it is an article dissertation or a monograph, the same number of copies must be delivered to the university. Before delivery to the faculty, the dissertation’s summary part and separate articles shall be bound together.

In all events the candidate must ensure that the doctoral thesis is ready and publically available no later than ten (10) days before the public examination. The faculty delivers the dissertation to appropriate stakeholders, such as the Faculty Council, University Library, opponent(s), Custos, rector’s office, university’s bulletin board, and entrance hall.

The copies delivered to the faculty must have a separate data sheet indicating that the document is a dissertation approved by the faculty for public examination. It must also state the time and venue of the public examination.

For more detailed instructions on the layout and publishing procedure of dissertations published in the Acta Series, contact the publishing manager of Lapland University Press or the faculty’s chief of administration.