When making the admission decision, a process supervisor is appointed for the postgraduate’s research. The process supervisor’s task is to oversee and finalize the licentiate or doctoral thesis process together with the student. The process supervisor supports the postgraduate throughout the studies all the way to the doctoral degree. A reciprocal contract (supervision agreement) is made between the supervisor and the student. It clearly defines the responsibilities to which the supervisor and postgraduate commit themselves in their supervision relationship. No later than a year after the beginning of studies the supervision relationship is revisited and an assessment is made whether there is a need for more extensive supervision (a methodological supervisor, a theory supervisor, etc.).

The dean appoints all the above-mentioned supervisors, which makes the supervision relationships official. At least two supervisors are recommended to all postgraduate students. Since also doctoral programmes may appoint supervisors to their postgraduate students, official supervisors are appointed on the basis of the entire supervision concept.

Postgraduate students may request to dean to change the process supervisor or the additional supervisor(s) if the change is well-founded.