Applied psychology

Studying applied psychology as the major subject leads to a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences. The studies include basic and subject studies in psychology. The students continue to a Master’s degree in administrative sciences by studying administrative science as the major subject with special emphasis on leadership psychology.

The following aspects are emphasized in teaching:

  • human resource management skills
  • skills of thought as a method of psychological understanding
  • the special nature of experiencing and different forms of understanding
  • sensitive research paradigms, experience studying methods, and skills in examining experience scientifically
  • possibilities of and requirements for positive individual and communal development
  • self-knowledge and interaction skills


The University of Lapland is the only Finnish university providing applied psychology as a major subject. Studying applied psychology as a minor subject affords expertise required in human resource management, which is based on an understanding of experiences.

Career options

In applied psychology studies, special attention is paid to the ability to act in situations involving people with varied personalities, educational backgrounds, and vocational histories and in situations requiring bold, unprejudiced thinking and human resource management skills.