General information on studies

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a variety of courses in English. Instruction in the faculty can be divided roughly into independent studies (such as literature exams or essays), lectures and seminars.

Exams are held throughout the year – there is no exam period at the end of the semester.

There are two types of exams:

1. Course exams that are held after the completion of a course. The lecturer will inform students of the date, time and place for the exam. Usually there are at least two possible dates. Advance registration is usually not required (i.e. course registration is sufficient.)

2. General exam / literature exam days of the faculty that are held once a month.  On general exam days students can take a literature exam based on individual study of a set of books from the curricula.  There are no lectures for these parts. Advance registration is required 10 days before the exam through the WebOodi system. The courses in the following list with the note "literature exam" fall under this category.

The faculty also hosts several visiting teachers each year, and the information on their teaching will be available prior to the visits. Usually these courses can compensate some parts of the courses in the regular curricula. Exchange students are free to choose courses also from other faculties and programmes (for example, Arctic Studies Program, Intercultural Communication Programme) and the Language Centre.


Faculty of Social Sciences

Courses offered in English / 2015–2016 (*only for degree students)
Courses are bachelor level courses unless otherwise mentioned. Please note that changes are possible!

Administrative Sciences

Credits Semester
ORJO1103 Literature exam: Introduction to Leadership    Psychology
SOVP1213 Psychology of Leadership I
TJHA1227 Literature exam: Electronic Government and Electronic Services
3 autumn/spring
TJHA1228 Literature exam: Innovations and change management in organisations
 3 autumn/spring
TJHA1219 Human Resource Management and Work Societies 5
TJHA1416 Management and International Public Administration (master level)

Applied Psychology

ORJO1103 Literature exam: Introduction to Leadership Psychology  5 autumn / spring 
SOVP1213 Psychology of Leadership I  5 spring 
SOVP1215 Literature exam: Experiential psychology
autumn / spring

Cultural History

UKUL1110 Introduction to Northern Cultural History
UKUL1111 Literature exam: Cultural History in Finland
autumn / spring

Environmental Studies

YYMP0202 Literature exam: Nature and Culture
autumn / spring
YYMP0215 Literature exam: Environmental Economy
 3 autumn / spring
YYMP0209 Environmental law
autumn / spring
PSIR1205 Environmental Politics
 10 autumn
YYMP0210 Arctic Environmental Issues (see Arctic Studies Program)

JOMA1212 Business ethics


JOMA1207 Competitive Strategy and Industrial Organization

spring (not in spring 2016)

EMAC0113 Management and Entrepreneurship
 5 spring
JOMA1306 Corporate Social Responsibility (only for master level students)


YMAR1214 Brand Management
autumn / spring
YMAT0222 Developing Destination Experiences autumn 

Political Studies (International Relations and Political Science)

SOPT1102 Introduction to Political Studies  (international relations)  2,5 autumn
SOPT1104 Literature exam: Action, Practice and Structure 5
autumn / spring
SOPT1105 Literature exam: Power, Politics and Political
autumn / spring
PSIR1203A Political Thought
PSIR1205 Environmental Politics
PSIR1206 Literature exam: Religion and Politics
autumn / spring
PSMA1311B Literature exam: Politics in Change (master level) 10  autumn / spring 
IRMA1311 Theories and Approaches to Global Biopolitics (master level, subject to availability)

Social Work and Social Gerontology

SSOS0209 Global Issues in Social Work (possible visiting lectures, literature exam and/ or participation in the international summer school in social work)
summer school 2, literature exams 3 + 2
spring (summer school), literature exams autumn/spring
SSOS6002 The Nordic Welfare Models in Transition 5 autumn / spring
CSW1328 Gender and Social Work (master level)    5 spring 2017 
CSW1329 Social Work With Children, Youth and Families Connected to Child Protection (master level)   5  autumn 2016 
CSW1330 Multi-Professional Approaches to Work with Addicts (master level)  5  autumn 2016 
CSW1331 Elderly People and Gerontological Social Work: Global and Regional Perspective (master level)   5 autumn 2016


SOPT1104 Literature exam: Action, Practice and Structure
 5 autumn / spring
SOPT1105 Literature exam: Power, Politics and Political
 5 autumn / spring
SSOG1212 Literature exam: Power, Governmentality and Economy

 5 autumn / spring
SSOG1213 Literature exam: Sociological Research I (bachelor level,choose two of the following):
SSOG12132 Citizenship and Political
SSOG12133 Space, Time and Place
SSOG12134 Material Communities and Environmental Sociology
SSOG12135 Work, Gender and Class


autumn / spring
SSOG1314 Literature exam: Sociological Research II (master level, choose one of the following):

SSOG13142 Citizenship and Political
SSOG13143 Space, Time and Place
SSOG13144 Material Communities and Environmental Sociology
SSOG13145 Work, Gender and Class


autumn / spring

Tourism Research

YMAT0113 Responsible Tourism Business 5 autumn
YMAT1211 Cultural and Social Studies of Tourism 5 spring
YMAT0222 Developing Destination Experiences 5 autumn
YMAT0224 Designing Tourism Services 5 spring
YMAT0226 Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship in Tourism 5 spring
YMAT1220 Current Issues in Tourism 1-10 autumn / spring
YMAT0312 Revenue Management and Leadership (master level) 6 autumn
YMAT0313 Foresight and Service Design Thinking in Tourism (master level) 6 spring
YMAT1313 Ethical Epistemologies of Tourism (master level) 6 autumn
YMAT0316 Readings of Tourism Research (master level) 5 autumn-spring
Research Methodology

SMEN0322 Computational Statistics  3 or 5 spring 
YMEN1804 Scientific Information Retrieval  2 autumn / spring 
YMEN1806 Introduction to Scientific Thinking and Research Practices  4 autumn / spring 
YMEN1210 Quantitative methods  5 autumn 
YMEN1374 Qualitative methods  3-5 spring
YMEN14 Qualitative Analysis Courses  4  autumn / spring
FILO1107 Literature exam: Philosophy of Science  3 autumn / spring 

Students of the faculty are also advised to check the course offerings of the Arctic Studies Program: 
ASPB1101 Introduction to the Arctic   5 autumn 
ASPB1102 Arctic Ecosystems and Adaptation of Species to Arctic Environment   5 autumn 
ASPB1103 Arctic Politics and Law   5 autumn 
ASPB1104 Peoples, Culture and Identities of  the Arctic   5 autumn 
ASPB1105 Sustainable Development, Natural Resources and Economy in the North   5 autumn
ASPB1106 Arctic Studies Program, Alternative Courses  autumn