About the program

Lectures and workshops

Time and duration: Wednesday - Tuesday 25.5-31.5.2016
Place: University of Lapland

The first part of the program includes brief lectures, panel presentations, and small group discussions. Lecturers include faculty and practitioners from Finland, U.S., Hong Kong, Austria and other countries represented in the program. Students also have an opportunity to share information about their home countries and their work experiences. All participants engage in small group discussions on topics related to social work (e.g., ethics) and the impact of globalization (e.g., media). Field trips to local social agencies may also take place. A social-cultural program includes a welcoming reception and international evening.

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 Student panel

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Pot Luck Dinner






Social program

Welcoming Party

Time and place: Wednesday 25.5.2016 lecture halls 20+21

A welcoming reception is a great opportunity to get to know the other participants of the summer school in an informal way.

International Evening

Time and place: Friday 27.5.2016 lecture halls 20+21 

During the international evening each country represented in the summer school has an opportunity to share something about their culture. Presentations may include history, arts, geography, language, dress, customs, or anything that participants would like others to know or experience. In past years, for example, participants have shared food and music, worn traditional clothing, displayed photographs, and taught dances, games and folk tales. The atmosphere is informal and fun.

Pot Luck Dinner

Time and place: Monday 30.5.2016 lecture halls 20+21 and University's sauna building

Participants of the summer school brings something to eat or drink to share with others. It might be something traditional from their home countries.  There is also possibility to go Finnish sauna.


SATURDAY 28.5.2016

On this day we'll have two options for you to choose from. Students should choose their preferred option on the application form.


Option 1

A trip to the Lampivaara Amethyst Mine

The mine is located about 1.5 hours north from Rovaniemi, it is on the border of a national park and middle of wild nature. The amethyst of the Lampivaara fell was created 2 000 million years ago in the bowels of the ancient mountains. There is now a special gem mine on the top of the hill that will be sustained for hundreds of years.

During the visit you will hear the stories of geology and history in addition to the properties of the gems and the uses of amethyst. You also will be able to dig for your own personal lucky amethyst!

We will leave Rovaniemi about 9 am on a bus and come back in the afternoon. During the day we will also have lunch- and coffee breaks. Costs for this excursion are about 30 euros (this includes bus transportation, lunch and entrance fee to the mine).


Option 2

A trip to the Arctic Circle Hiking Area

Located just outside of Rovaniemi, you will have the opportunity to go hiking in the beautiful Finnish nature and see the fine falls at Vikaköngäs. There are hiking routes for all people, starting from 0.2-20 kilometers.

During the visit we will have a traditional Finnish picnic at a fire place called “laavu” with some sausages and Finnish pastry.

We will leave Rovaniemi about 9 am and come back in the aftenoon. The costs for this excursion is about 20 euros (this includes transportation, sausages and pastry) We are buying sausages and pastry, but you can also bring your own picnic food and maybe share it with the others.



Please note that the number of places on these trips is limited and therefore your first choice is not guaranteed (you may also choose not to participate in either activity). We will confirm the participation list for the trips by April 15.



From Wednesday 1.6 to Friday 3.6.2016 you'll have two option to choose from. Students should choose their preferred option on the application form.


Option 1, Excursion to Utsjoki

Time and duration: Wednesday- Friday 1.-3.6.2016

Our first excursion takes us to Utsjoki, Finland’s northernmost municipality, located 367 km north of the Article Circle, Rovaniemi. We travel by bus through southern Lapland’s woods towards the fell area of Lapland and the Finnish Sami district. We stay two nights at Kevo, a subarctic research station, operated by the University of Turku. During our travels we make brief stops at sites of interest such as social service agencies, a national park, the Sami Parliament, a Sami Reindeer Farm and Siida, the Sami museum.

The trip introduces us to Sami Culture and social services to Lapland’s indigenous Sámi population. At Kevo we learn about the unique flora and fauna of Lapland while experiencing the pristine environment of the far north including the indescribable Midnight Sun. For the complete Lapland experience, there is opportunity to partake in sauna followed by a dip in the clean, cold water of a subarctic lake.

Costs for this excursion are about 150 euros, which inlcudes everything (accommodation, transportation, all meals, entrance fees etc).


Option 2, Acency visit in Rovaniemi and gathering in Pöykkölä

Time and duration: Thursday- Friday 2.-3.6.2016

On Thursday 2.6.2016 we eill visit some social agecies in Rovaniemi; for example a drug and substance abuse clinic for youth, a mother and child home and shelter,  a social welfare office, a child welfare office or an immigration centre. Only cost for this day is lunch, which will be about 7 euros.

On Friday 3.6.2016 we'll have a unique gathering in Pöykkölä, which is a beautiful residential area in Rovaniemi. We are planning a day full of traditional Finnish activities like: making dinner together and baking Finnish pastries, going hiking, swimming in the lake, playing frisbee golf, going to sauna etc. There might be some costs for transportation (maximum 10 euros), but other than that this day is free of charge. There's also a possibility to go to the Rovaniemi Local History Museum, entrance fee for students is 2 euro.  The museum illustrates life in a local farmhouse and its buildings a hundred years ago



Please note that the number of places on these trips is limited and therefore your first choice is not guaranteed (you may also choose not to participate in either activity). We will confirm the participation list for the trips by April 15. Please consider this when you make your travel plans to and from Rovaniemi.

Excursion to Helsinki

Time and duration: Saturday- Wednesday 4.-8.6.2016

Our last programme takes us to Finland’s largest city, Helsinki. The region around Helsinki forms a metropolitan area with over one million inhabitants and is the home of the majority of immigrant and refugee populations. As the capital of Finland, Helsinki houses the Office of the President, also the Parliament and many government ministries are located in Helsinki. It is also the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. In Helsinki we can see the difference of life style and social milieu as compared to life in northern Finland.  

During our time in Helsinki we will take advantage of the city´s rich cultural offerings and also visit some exemplary social service agencies. We will visit Suomenlinna, a former Swedish fortress in the Gulf of Finland.