Entrepreneurship studies

The basic aim of entrepreneurship studies is to promote entrepreneurship by making the subject available for university students. The study programme combines business skills with entrepreneur-oriented thinking, action, and conduct. The studies are realized through entrepreneur-oriented pedagogy, by combining and applying flexible learning methods (blended learning), and by utilizing prior learning (RPL).

Entrepreneurship studies are a good minor subject for students of e.g. management, tourism research, and arts, but they can also be studied by those interested in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship-oriented activities regardless of the students’ faculty or major subject.

At the University of Lapland, entrepreneur studies can be studied as basic studies (25 cr.) and subject studies (35 cr.), amounting to a total of 60 credits. The courses and their descriptions can be found at WebOodi and in the Open University’s database. Teaching is coordinated by the Open University of the University of Lapland. All the studies are arranged as web-based studies.