Philosophy reaches back to the earliest high cultures. As a subject preoccupied by reality, man, and its own characteristics, it began to take form in the Ionian culture area in Asia Minor, and already from classical antiquity it has generated theories and examined their preconditions. Nowadays philosophy focuses mainly on science, art, religion, work, leisure, and theories and worldviews related to life in general. The aim is to deepen our knowledge, understanding, and consciousness and to clarify argumentation.

Philosophy is a traditional discipline and therefore an appropriate minor subject for all university students who want to grasp some of the fundamentals of science. Philosophy is of special interest to students of political sciences, sociology, and education.

At the University of Lapland, philosophy can be studied as basic studies (25 cr.) and subject studies (35 cr.), amounting to a total of 60 credits. The courses and their descriptions can be found at WebOodi.