Social gerontology

Social gerontology examines aging as a societal, social, cultural, and experiential phenomenon. The core issues concern the relation between aged people and the environment and the way this relation changes over lifetime. The themes of importance include aging and its consequences; the status, wellbeing, and life quality of the aged; the concept of an aged person; geriatric resources; geriatric policy, work, and service quality; future trends; and social gerontology research.

Social gerontology is a good minor subject for students of social work, rehabilitation, and education. It is also for those interested in the wellbeing of the aging population and in the societal changes effected by the phenomenon.

At the University of Lapland, social gerontology can be studied as basic studies (25 cr.) and subject studies (35 cr.), amounting to a total of 60 credits. The courses and their descriptions can be found at WebOodi.