Social studies as a teaching subject

Social studies as the second teaching subject enable you to work as a subject teacher in comprehensive school. Social studies as the first and more extensive teaching subject qualify you, in compliance with Decree 986/98, to work as a subject teacher and thus enable you to teach in upper secondary school. Teachers of social studies in comprehensive and upper secondary schools must have a Master’s degree and they must have completed teacher’s pedagogical studies.

Social studies (60 cr.) encompass public law, economics, and political sciences. In addition, one or more of the following subjects are studied in more detail: political science, international relations, political sciences, administrative science, public law, economics, sociology, philosophy, social policy, or social work. To have social studies as the first teaching subject also requires advanced studies in a subject within the social sciences or administrative science.

Social studies are neither registered nor marked on the degree diploma as a minor subject; a separate diploma of completed studies is given instead. The structure of the studies can be found at WebOodi.