Political studies: international relations and political science

The political studies combine the scientific viewpoints of political science and international relations, which together cover an extensive proportion of the most topical themes in political research.

The following aspects are emphasized in teaching:

  • international relations: the international system, questions related to war, peace and political violence, development and security politics, biopolitics
  • political science: political institutions, action, and ideologies and the history of political thought

International relations and political science also make a good minor subject and provide a versatile and interesting study entity for those who keep themselves up to date and are interested in political issues.

Career options

Studies provide a sound basis for working in several positions in Finland and abroad in the areas of research and teaching as well as in administration, organizations, and communication.

Those who graduate may work for example as marketing directors, department chiefs, project managers, researchers, international relations coordinators, political secretaries, ministry assistants, reporters, or officials in public administration.