Public law

Public law belongs to the science of law and, in a broad sense, to the social sciences. In the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Lapland, public law belongs to the administrative sciences. Currently, no new students are admitted through the spring entrance examination to study public law as the major subject.

The following aspects are emphasized in teaching:

  • healthcare jurisprudence and medical law
  • central aspects of administrative law, such as general administrative procedures and legal norms concerning civil and human rights

Public law is a good minor subject for those who intend to work e.g. for the state, municipalities, other public communities or organizations, or the European Union because officials are required to possess legal knowledge regardless of their position.

Career options

The professional skills focus on legal knowledge and expertise in the role of an administrative decision maker and expert on the various levels of society.

Graduates may work for example as special designers, work designers, amanuenses, chief accountants, service managers, administrative or business managers, financial consultants, entrepreneurs, or municipal managers.