Rehabilitation science

Rehabilitation science belongs to the social sciences. It is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on people’s ability to work and function, life management, and social coping as well as on the factors, measures, and systems affecting them. Currently, no new students are admitted through the entrance examination to study rehabilitation as the main subject.

The following aspects are emphasized in teaching:

  • Activities to maintain or improve people’s capacity to work
  • Rehabilitation of seriously disabled children and adults, and services for the disabled
  • Rehabilitation assessment and planning
  • Management of a rehabilitation organization or project
  • Evaluation research on rehabilitation

The University of Lapland is the only Finnish university offering rehabilitation as the main subject of study. Rehabilitation as a minor subject also offers valuable insights for students aiming for an expert’s position in the social affairs and health sector.

Career options

Studies in rehabilitation science are applicable to various types of tasks within rehabilitation, including expert’s tasks, planning, customer work, administrative tasks, and research. The work pertains to the social affairs and health sector, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), labour administration, rehabilitation institutions, and other private or third sector organizations.