Social work

Social work is a profession, discipline, and a social system consisting of research, education, and practical social work and their interaction.

The following aspects are emphasized in teaching:

  • marginalization issues
  • research on people’s everyday life and coping
  • research on ageing
  • research on the welfare services system
  • research on social work expertise and education
  • research on Russia
  • research on welfare and applications of information technology

The degree also includes practical teaching to be given in social teaching centres in Rovaniemi, Kemi, Kemijärvi, and Oulu. Social work can also be studied as a minor subject.

Career options

A Master’s degree in social sciences with social work as the major subject makes one eligible for the posts of a social worker in accordance with the Act on Qualification Requirements for Social Welfare Professionals (272/2005). In addition, the degree qualifies for planning, administration, teaching, and research positions requiring expertise in social work.

Graduates may work for example as amanuenses, school social workers, lecturers, youth instructors, social workers, social counsellors, social therapists, journalists, workers in probation and after-care of criminals, labour instructors, pre-school education instructors, researcher-coordinators, directors in services for the mentally disabled, social directors, or managing directors.