Studies in the faculty of Social Sciences

The degrees offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences are

    • Bachelor, Master, Licentiate and Doctor of Social Sciences
    • Bachelor, Master, Licentiate and Doctor of Administrative Sciences


The degrees are taken according to the three-cycle degree structure. In practice this means that the student shall first complete a first-cycle university degree and then continue with a second-cycle university degree. The first-cycle university degree (Bachelor’s Degree ) can be completed in three years and the second-cycle degree (Master’s Degree ) can be completed in two years. In admission for degree students, the student gets directly a right to study for first-cycle and second-cycle degrees.  Full-time studying during one academic year is equivalent of 60 credits. Thus the scope of the first-cycle degree is 180 credits and the second cycle degree 120 credits.

The third-cycle degree (Doctor’s Degree) can be completed in 3 -5 years of full-time study, depending on the field and nature of the research. The degree consists of studies in the major subject, research methodology and other studies that contribute towards the research of the written dissertation. The scope of the third-cycle degree is 240 credits.