General information on studies

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a variety of courses in English. Instruction in the faculty can be divided roughly into independent studies (such as book exams or essays), lectures and seminars.

Exams are held throughout the year - there is no exam period at the end of the semester.

There are two types of exams:

1. Course exams that are held after the completion of a course. The lecturer will inform students of the date, time and place for the exam. Usually there are at least two possible dates. Advance registration is usually not required (i.e. course registration is sufficient.)

2. General exam days of the faculty that are held once a month.  On general exam days students can take an exam based on individual study of a set of books from the curricula.  There are no lectures for these parts. Advance registration is required 10 days before the exam through the WebOodi system. The courses in the following list with the note "book exam" falls under this category.

The faculty also hosts several visiting teachers each year, and the information on their teaching will be available prior to the visits. Usually these courses can compensate some parts of the courses in the regular curricula. Exchange students are free to choose courses from other faculties, the International Studies Centre as well as the Language Centre.

For example courses of the Arctic Studies Programme are mostly compensatory in the degree programmes of international relations and sociology. Cultural Industries Programme is recommended for the students of tourism research.  Please see the International non-degree programmes for more information.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Courses offered in English / 2011 - 2012 (*only for degree students)

Administrative Sciences, Applied Psychology, Psychology

Credits Semester
TJHA1220 Psychology of Leadership 5
TJHA1221 Electronic Governance and Service structures  5  autumn / spring
TJHA1223 Change Theories and Strategic Management in Public Organisations  5  autumn / spring
PSYK1208 Work Psychology  5  spring
 PSYK1103 Literature exam: Personality Psychology  5  autumn / spring
 PSYK1202 Literature exam: Cognitive Psychology  5 autumn / spring 
 PSYK1205 Literature exam: Psychological Assessment  5 autumn / spring 
 YYHT1101-2 Literature exam: Understanding Human Being  5 autumn / spring 

Political Sciences (International Relations and Political Science)

IRPS1102 Literature exam: Politics and  World Politics  5   autumn / spring
IRPS1103 Literature exam: Political Action and Political Movements 5
 autumn / spring
IRBA1203K Literature exam: History of Political Thought: International Relations
 autumn / spring
IRPS1204K Literature exam: New Politics and Political Action
 autumn / spring
IRPS1205 Environmental Politics
 autumn / spring
IRPS1206 The Biopolitics of Development and Security
autumn / spring
IRMA1301 Theories and Approaches to Global Biopolitics 30
autumn (subject to availability)
IRMA1302 Advanced Thematic Studies in International Relations*
autumn / spring

Social Work, Rehabilitation Science and Social Gerontology

CSWB4.4 Gender and Social Work 3 spring 
CSWB5 Qualitative Research Methods 5 autumn
SSOS0205 Northern Social Work 2 autumn
SSOS6002 The Nordic Welfare Models in Transition 4 - 8 autumn / spring

SSOS1323 International Social Work

3 autumn / spring

SKUN2010 Key Concepts and Theories of Rehabilitation Science (SKUN2016, SKUN2017, SKUN2019)

5 - 15 autumn / spring

SOSNETKnowledge production and research in social work practise

3 spring

SOSNETInternational Social Work and Health Care


SGER1101 A course of Social Gerontology

5 - 8 autumn / spring

SGER1102 The Special Questions of Social Gerontology

7 autumn / spring

SGER1103 Working with the Elderly as a Practice of Social Gerontology

10 autumn / spring

International Summer School in Social Work

3 spring

Tourism Research, Management and Marketing

YMAR1214 Brand Management

5 autumn / spring

YMAT1232 Destination Marketing Management

5 autumn

YMAT1211 Cultural Studies of Tourism

5 spring

YMAT1214 Experience Economy and Innovations in Tourism

5 autumn
YMAT1241 Regional Issues in Tourism spring 

YMAT1320 Strategy for Tourism

7 autumn

YMAT1311 Tourism as Work and Profession*

5 spring

YMAT1313 Methodologies of Tourism Research*

6 autumn

YMAT1318 Nature-Based Tourism Field Course*

10 summer

JOMA1105 Business ethics

5 spring

JOMA1205 Co-operation

5 autumn

JOMA1305 Consumer Culture

6  spring

JOMA1306 Corporate Social Responsibility

6 autumn
TKTA0102 Finnish Economy  5 autumn / spring 

CULT1100 Cultural Industries Programme

25 spring



SSOG103 Problems and Topics of Sociology, Part I literature exam (choose 2 of the following):

SSOG11031 Work


 autumn / spring

SSOG11033 Northern Societies and Cultures


 autumn / spring

SSOG11034 Power and Governmentality


 autumn / spring

SSOG11035 Environment


 autumn / spring

SSOG11036 Gender


 autumn / spring

SSOG1206 Problems and Topics of Sociology, Part II literature  exam (choose 2 of the following):

SSOG12061 Work


 autumn / spring

 SSOG12062 Welfare, citizenship and the state


autumn / spring

SSOG12063 Northern Societies and Cultures

 4 autumn / spring
SSOG12064 Power and Governmentality  4  

SSOG12065 Environment

 4 autumn / spring

SSOG12066 Gender

 4 autumn / spring

SSOG1306 Problems and Topics of Sociology, Part III book exam (choose 1 of the following)

SSOG13061 Work

9 autumn / spring

SSOG13062 Welfare, Citizenship and the State

9 autumn / spring

SSOG13063 Northern societies and cultures

9 autumn / spring
SSOG13064 Power and Governmentality autumn / spring 

SSOG13065 Environment

9 autumn / spring

SSOGYYHT1104 Northern Politics and Culture ( book exam)  5 autumn / spring 
Cultural History
UKUL1110 Introdcution to Northern Cultural History  4 spring 
UKUL1111 Literature exam: Cultural History in Finland  2  autumn / spring
 Research Methodology
SMEN0322 Computational Statistics  3 or 5 spring 
YMEN1804 Scientific Information Retrieval  2 autumn / spring 
YMEN1806 Introduction to Scientific Thinking and Research Practises  4 autumn / spring 
YMEN1368 Quantitative methods  5 autumn 
YMEN1103 Basic Course in qualitative research  3 autumn / spring 
YMEN1341 Introduction to Semiotics  3 autumn / spring 
YMEN1364 Open Research Seminar in English  3  to be confirmed
YMEN1104 Qualitative Analysis Course  4 autumn / spring 
YMEN1426 Processing Qualitative Research Material, Analysis and the Logic of Interpretation  4   autumn / spring

Students of the faculty are also advised to check the course offerings of the Arctic Studies Program: 
ASPB1101 Introduction to the Arctic   5 autumn 
ASPB1102 Arctic Ecosystems and Adaptation of Species to Arctic Environment   5 autumn 
ASPB1103 Arctic Politics and Law   5 autumn 
ASPB1104 Peoples, Culture and Identities of  the Arctic   5 autumn 
ASPB1105 Sustainable Development, Natural Resources and Economy in the North   5  autumn
ASPB1106 Arctic Studies Program, Alternative Courses  autumn