Administrative Science

Administrative science is a discipline in social sciences that specialises in national and international administration systems and on the other hand in administration of public, non-profit and private organisations.

The discipline examines the issues related to the societal role of the public administration. These issues are e.g. the relationship of the public sector with the political system, private sector and citizens. The students will learn for example

  • how Finland and the European Union are governed and what public administration does and achieves
  • how the public administration changes, how it is developed and evaluated

The discipline also studies the operation of organisations, for example, how organisations are run, how decision-making takes place, how to organize in different situation or how personnel or financial management is organised. The students will learn for example

  • how work communities can be managed and developed sot that they can achieve their goals
  • what is required from the structure, personnel, management, planning and data systems of present-day organisations so that they can operate efficiently