International relations

The University of Lapland offers teaching in International relations that leads to Bachelor’s, Master’s, Licentiate’s and Doctor’s degrees. It is possible to take some of the studies abroad in student exchange programs and in optional internships. The discipline is suitable as a minor subject for many other studies at the University of Lapland or in other universities in Finland.

What are international relations?

Studying international relations requires interest in theoretical, historical and current issues. The discipline offers a broad view of the field of international relations and qualifies for studying international issues analytically.

International relations as a discipline attempts to describe, explain and interpret the structure and operation of the international system. Its traditional research topics are foreign and security policy of the states and issues of war and peace. However, at the same time the discipline deals with very current issues: changes in the world are quickly visible in the content of the discipline. Consequently the world that is changing and becoming more complex offers also many new areas of interest.

Today a more important part of international relations consists of current, global issues. Among these themes are pollution, international terrorism, population growth, violations on human rights and refugee matters.

International relations as a discipline at the University of Lapland differs from the discipline in other universities in Finland in some aspects. First, the student is expected to gain strong academic knowledge and skills and this is emphasized in teaching. In practice this means that the students have diverse theoretical and methodological skills and are also capable of independent academic work, when they enter the workforce. Secondly, the student can concentrate on a few fields which require special knowledge and which are not available at other universities in Finland. These special fields at the University of Lapland are politics in the northern regions and new forms of political activity.

The academic title of the students who graduate from the programme of international relations is Master of Administrative science. They will work in different international jobs in research, teaching, communication, administration and organization and they can work in Finland as well as abroad. When you study international relations, you get above all a versatile degree, which prepares you to rise to challenges of today’s worklife. The graduates have a wide knowledge in the operation of the international system as well as current issues in world politics. Several different minor alternatives offer an opportunity to deepen one’s knowledge through other interesting study modules. This way the students can personalize their degrees and make them more useful for their own career plans.