Political Science

Political science belongs to the oldest social sciences alongside with sociology and economics. It is closely connected to international relations and administrative science and these are often taught at the same departments.

Modern political science does not just focus on the state institution, but it is a discipline that sutdies a wide range of different political phenomena. Political institutions, ideologies and history of poltical thought have been in the centre of attention of political science for a long time. Recently, for instance, politics related to culture, gender or language have been studied. Also research on political rheotirc has been very popular. Politics can be seen in very diverse environments. For that reason research issues of political science are often close to the issues studied by sosiology, history, public law or practical philosophy.

The basic studies of political science aim at giving basic information of the reserach topics and methods of approach: what politics are and how the political system works. In addition to these, the change in politics and the political system are introduced: new forms and phenomena of politics are emphasised.