Public Law

Public law belongs as a subject to administrative sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Lapland, although its point of view is jurisprudential. Teaching in public law covers a state, municipalities and other public organisations and their judicial structure and activity and their interrelated relationships. Also the legal status of individual physical and juristic persons is essential in teaching. Teaching in public law is divided to two fields: general public law and medical law.

General public law

General public law is a good choice for a student who is interested in a career as a civil servant in Finland or for instance in the European Union, because regardless of duties and job descriptions legal knowledge is crucial in any administrative work and decision-making. Teaching gives a general view of the structure of the Finnish judicial system and thorough information on Finnish constitutional law and administrative law. The most essential content in teaching includes the central aspects of constitutional law and administrative science. In addition, the studies include European Community Law, legal theory and comparative law.

Medical law

The programme of medical law is unique in Finland: it is possible to study medical law as a degree programme only at the University of Lapland. Medical law introduces a student to basic issues of public law and particularly to legal issues in health care. Medical law concentrates on legal problems on an individual level in issues related to health care, personnel, care and medicine. The education in medical law prepares the student to work in e.g. the job of a patients’ ombudsman and other jobs in health care or supervision of health care which require legal knowledge.