Sociology seeks scientific explanations for how social structures, culture and interpersonal relationships develop.

As a general social science, sociology attempts to create a general view on teh operation of the society. It requires management of theoretical information on society and social phenomena as well as a strongcommand of the use of research methods. Methods in empirical research in sociology are for instance survey research, observation, different forms of textual analysis and statistical methods.

The research field in sociology is large. It ranges from the structures of society, financial and political systems to interaction of individuals. Speical fields in the sociology cover a multitude of various issues. For example, work, social structure, family, education, science, art, economy, environmental issues and social movements are matters of interest in the sociology. Special information and theories which are important in different practical decision-making and planning situations are included to sociology.

Sociology often brings forth defects in the society and interpretations to social phenomena which might deviate from the prevailing opinions. Sociological theories and research results are often critical of society.

Many issues that sociologists study need cooperation between researchers and a multidisciplinary apporoach. These kinds of topics are for instance the change in Europe, development in the northern regions, environmental issues, the change in population structure and research on ethnic minorities.