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Exhibition: International 19th Century – Coffee from Germany, Chocolate from Switzerland

An exhibition depicting internationalization in Helsinki in the 19th century was in the University Main Lobby and its surroundings in autumn 2012. The exhibition, International 19th Century – Coffee from Germany, Chocolate from Switzerland, consists of twenty roll-ups that show the development of Helsinki and Finland in the 19th century. The focus of the exhibition is on the influence that immigrants from German-speaking countries had on the process.

Helsinki became the capital of Finland in 1812, after which it started developing into an industrial and commercial centre. Consumer goods and innovations were introduced to the country through Helsinki. German-speaking families had a significant role in the process – who in Finland does not know Paulig, Fazer, or Stockmann?

Robert Schweitzer and the Aue Foundation, the City of Helsinki, and the Union of Finnish-German associations produced this touring exhibition about German-speaking immigrants and their influence on the development of Helsinki and Finland.

The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the local Finnish-German association and German Lecturer Jörn Severidt from the Language Centre.

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