Language Centre Days 2013:
Research Engagement and Internationalisation in Language Centres

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

08.30   the registration desk is opened, morning coffee (ULapland main hall)

09.00   poster exhibition (main hall)

10.15   opening address (Fellman hall)
Rector Mauri Ylä-Kotola, University of Lapland

10.45   keynote address (Fellman hall)
rofessor Simon Borg, University of Leeds
             The research-engaged language teacher 

commentary speeches
12.15   lunch (lunch restaurant Felli)

13.30   1st thematic sessions, workshops, and presentations

15.00   afternoon coffee break, official opening of the poster exhibition,
             and a book publishing event
(main hall)

15.45   2nd thematic sessions, workshops, and presentations

16.45   2nd thematic sessions, workshops, and presentations end

19.3020.30   official reception by the city of Rovaniemi
The reception will be hosted by Deputy Mayor Martti Anttila. (Rovaniemi City Hall, Hallituskatu 7)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

09.15   language- and field-specific meetings

10.30   30th anniversary celebration of the ULapland Language Centre
             poster exhibition continues 
(main hall)

11.00   language- and field-specific meetings continue

12.15   lunch (lunch restaurant Felli)

13.15   keynote address (Fellman hall)
Director Johan Edelheim, Multidimensional Tourism Institute
             Voit ostaa palveluita ja tuotteita millä kielellä tahansa, mutta voit myydä 
             niitä vain asiakkaan kielellä 
             Services and products can be purchased in any language – but they 
             can only be sold in the customer’s language

14.00   the new FINELC action plan for 20132020

14.15   closing speeches (Fellman hall)

To download the programme in pdf format, click here.