Minor or elective courses

Are you interested in further improving your English language skills for academic and professional purposes? Are you planning on travelling or working abroad? Would you like to have an international career? Would you like to learn about the culture of English-speaking countries? Are you interested in reading literature in English?

If so, these elective English courses are for you. You can choose individual courses according to the topics that interest you or skills you need to improve, or you can complete the whole 25-credit English Language Use and Culture module as a minor.


English: Language Use and Culture (25 ECTS)

The English Language Use and Culture study module is aimed at students who wish to broaden their skills and knowledge of the English language and deepen their understanding of various English-speaking cultures. The module includes studies in English language usage (grammar, vocabulary, speaking skills, writing skills) and society and culture (the USA, Britain, Australia, literature).

After completing the module, students should have a deeper understanding of English-speaking societies and cultures as well as an improved ability to use the English language. Students should also be able to analyse and compare the cultures of several English-speaking societies with their own cultures. Successful completion of the module will provide students with linguistic and cultural support in interactions with English-speaking people across a variety of contexts including work, studies, research, and leisure time.

Students can either complete the whole 25-credit module or take individual courses.


XENG0200 English: Language Use and Culture (CEFR C1) (25 ECTS)

XENG0202 USA: Society and Culture (3 ECTS)
XENG0203 Britain: Society and Culture (3 ECTS)
XENG0204 English Grammar and Usage (CEFR C1) (4 ECTS)
XENG0205 Varieties of English (CEFR C1) (3 ECTS)
XENG0206 Academic Writing in English (CEFR C1) (3 ECTS)
XENG0207 Academic Presentation Skills in English (CEFR C1) (3 ECTS)
XENG0208 Contemporary Literature in English (CEFR C1) (3 ECTS)
XENG0210 Australia: Society and Culture (3 ECTS)