Substitution for courses

Please notice that you can only be granted substitution for our English courses if you have completed English language courses at another university/institute of higher education. Substitution cannot be granted if you have completed only subject courses (e.g., legal courses or social work courses, etc.) in your field that were taught in English.


Placement tests

Optional placement tests in English are arranged on the Language Centre’s make-up exam days, and the registration procedure is the same as that for make-up exams in the faculties. In all faculties except the Faculty of Law, a student may be exempted only from mandatory basic reading comprehension courses in English; that is, not from elective or master’s level courses. The possibility to take a placement test is mentioned on the WebOodi course descriptions. In the Faculty of Law, placement tests are organized at the beginning of the semester on special days for the Advanced Legal English courses.

Those with an excellent grade (80% of the tasks completed correctly) will receive credit for completing the reading comprehension course. The test focuses on language skills in the student’s field of study, and is intended for students who have developed their language skills to a fairly high degree. The student may take the test only once.