What Kinds of Courses are Offered?

We have courses of different levels. In addition to basic courses (Survival Finnish, Finnish for Foreigners 1-4) we offer courses to develop your skills in grammar, oral presentation and conversation, text comprehension and writing. You will also acquire a basic understanding of special features of Finland and its culture. The aim of the language courses is to improve your skills in Finnish to the extent that you can continue to study without supervision.
Having completed all study modules, the students can read the literature of their own field in Finnish and are capable of expressing themselves both orally and textually in rather fluent Finnish. In addition, the participants get a broader and deeper understanding of the country and culture.

Courses and Modules

Survival Finnish is for you who would like to learn some Finnish but have only limited time for studying languages. After the course you can manage very easy everyday situations. You can tell about yourself and answer simple questions concerning yourself. You can recognize a limited number of ordinary words and phrases from slow, clear speech. Please note that Survival Finnish is not adequate preparation for Finnish for Foreigners 2.

Finnish for Foreigners 1-4 courses prepare you to use and understand Finnish in everyday life. Previous studies are not expected when you start Finnish for Foreigners 1. It takes one academic year to study all four courses. After completing Finnish for Foreigners 1-4 you are able to understand the core content of simple conversations and texts of your own interest. You can write letters and simple messages and can talk about your personal life and experiences and events also in the past tense.

Finnish Culture is a lecture series in English arranged every autumn term. You can take this course at any point of your studies, even if you don’t study Finnish at all. You will acquire a basic understanding of the special features of Finnish culture and history. After the course you are able to carry out analyses and comparisons of Finnish culture and your own. The lectures are given by various lecturers, each of them being an expert of their field.

The Language Use and Culture Study Module (Suomi: kielen käyttö ja kulttuuri) is aimed at foreign students who have completed basic studies in Finnish or possess the corresponding skills. The participants may complete the whole 25-credit module (Finnish as a Minor) or individual courses. You can complete Finnish: Language Use and Culture in 1.5 years. Notice that all courses are not arranged every academic year.