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Timetables on WebOodi

The timetables for language courses for the autumn term will be available on WebOodi by the end of August at the latest. The timetables for the language courses for the spring term will not be available on WebOodi until December.

You can see the timetables by opening the link WebOodi without a user ID and password when you choose "search courses/exams" in the left-hand side of the screen on WebOodi:

1. By study guide
* select a study guide in the section for Language Centre
* you will find the timetables of the courses under the Courses tab
* you will find information on the location by clicking on the name of the course
* you will find the course descriptions by clicking on the code of the course.

2. By search terms

* select "By search terms" and write the name or the code of the course on the right-hand-side of the screen.

If you use several search criteria at the same time, all the criteria must match. It is often advisable to use only one search criterion.

3. By Search
* write the code of the course on the "Search" on the left-hand-side of the screen.