Open University studies at the University of Lapland

The aim of the Open University is to promote educational and regional equality. Open University education is open to everyone, regardless of educational background or age. The goals may vary: improving general knowledge, upgrading student´s basic education or self-development. Studying at the Open University also helps you prepare for future academic degree studies.

Open University education is arranged in co-operation with the faculties of the University of Lapland. Courses correspond to regular degree studies both in terms of objectives and requirements. Open Universities cannot award degrees, but the credits obtained in them are transferable and can be used as part of a degree should you later enrol in a university.

The lectures take place in the evenings, on weekends or online so that as many as possible might participate in the studies. Open university studies are also arranged in co-operation with other educational institutions such as adult education centres, folk high schools and summer universities. Studying at the Open University is part-time and general in nature and, therefore, students are not entitled to financial aid or other social benefits for students. Most of the courses are taught in Finnish.

PIA studies are the same studies which are given to degree students at the University of Lapland (in Finnish: Perusopetukseen integroitu avoin yliopisto-opetus). If the teaching organized by the Open University on evenings or at the weekend does not offer suitable courses, it is possible to apply for a right to PIA studies. You can apply for a right to study at the different faculties, the Language Centre and the International Studies Centre at the University of Lapland. More information from the links above.

Consortium studies – a shared supply of studies for the students of the universities of Lapland
Degree students of the universities of the Lapland University Consortium (Lapland UAS, the University of Lapland,) can take courses of another member university. The studies available are basic studies and Open University studies. They are free of charge if the studies are included in the student’s own degree.

Visiting address : Yliopistonkatu 8,  First floor
Postal address: Open University of  the University of Lapland, PB Box 122, FI-96101 Rovaniemi, Finland
Office open: 9.00 - 15.00
Office tel: +358 40 484 4495
Fax: +358 16 362 930
Student guidance: +358 400 543 174


More about Finnish Open Universities and their courses are found from this website: