Autumn 2015

 Spring 2016

Advanced Practice 21.9.-30.10.

Orientation Practice 16.11.-4.12.

Advanced Practice 18.1.-19.2.

Pedagogical Practice 17.3-8.4.

Practice of Didactics 18.4.-17.5.





Orientation Practice:

  1. Orientation to Teacherhood.

  2. Part of the 1st year of studies; duration 3 weeks.

  3. Aims: Recognizing individual learners and learning styles; distinguishing the social structure of the class; and recognizing one’s own beliefs of teacherhood.

  4. Contents: Participatory observation of individual pupils and of group dynamics; planning of learning and teaching;  individual and co-operative teaching (6-8 lessons); and  active participation on reflection sessions.

Practice of Didactics:

  1. Teaching and Learning.

  2. Part of the 2nd year of studies; duration 2 weeks.

  3. Aims: Learning didactics of different subjects taught in basic education; conducting evaluation of leaning; comprehension of research based learning; and acknowledging the meaning of curriculum.

  4. Contents: Planning sequence of lessons according to curriculum; participating experiments and developmental activities; and teaching and evaluating 24-27 lessons.

Advanced Practice:

  1. Expanding and Developing Teacherhood

  2. Part of the 4th  year of studies; duration 5 weeks.

  3. Aims: Profounding professional aspects and ethics of teacherhood; taking comprehensive responsibility of pupils, class and learning process.

  4. Contents: Creating one’s own practical theory in teaching and education; planning in co-operation with a student colleague; and teaching 35 lessons.