Lapland University Press (LUP) is a university publisher established in 2005. Our mission is to increase awareness of Northern and Arctic issues and culture in the scientific community.

Anyone writing a work of high academic standard is welcome to submit a proposal for its publication. Of special interest are manuscripts that deal with society in Lapland, the region’s cultural history and/or the University’s strategic focuses.

Strategic focuses of University of Lapland

Sustainable development, law and justice
Northern well-being, education and work
Responsible tourism
Culture-centred service design


All academic manuscripts go through a peer-review process before publication. LUP has been listed as a level 1 publication channel in Finland by the Publication Forum and in Denmark by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

Our publications are sold in the main library of the University (address: Yliopistonkatu 8) and through the Juvenes Virtual Bookstore; most of the titles can also be found at the webstore.

Most of the online publications can be freely accessed via the Internet.

Lapland University Press ISBN prefix: ISBN 978-952-310



LUP has the right to use the national peer-review label to indicate that the peer-review of articles and books has been performed in line with the quality and ethical criteria imposed by the academic community. The peer-review label is a trademark registered by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV). (Source TSV.)