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> Overall Objective

Overall objective of the project “Development of International Marketing Network to Promote Barents Region Higher Education” is to increase competitiveness and promote quality offer of the Barents Region higher education through improved accessibility and structured co-operation among the Barents Region and third-country institutions.

> Specific Objective

Specific objective is to develop International Marketing Network by jointly elaborated strategic administrative and advertising tools in order to market the Barents Region higher education in the world.



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Project “Development of International Marketing Network to Promote Barents Region Higher Education” will last for three years since October 2004 till September 2007. Barents Education Network is formed within the project as an umbrella body implementing the project and its activities.

The main activities are:

Co-analysing and strategically developing international relations administration
>> Organizing a workshop in Umeå, Sweden among international relations office representatives from participating institutions in order to assess, examine, compare and understand working models and methods used.
>> Elaborating strategic conception to develop administration of international relations and agree on methods used for further collaboration.

Increasing know-how and sharing best practices on Bologna process implementation within partner institutions as a tool for promotion of the Barents Region higher education:
>> Examining current situation in partner institutions regarding implementation of the Bologna process principles;
>> Organising international seminars on the Bologna process integration within higher education systems as a tool to increase competitiveness of higher education.

Promoting Barents region higher education in the world:
>> Elaborating joint Marketing Strategy to promote Barents Region higher education according to institution based conceptions;
>> Designing and producing visual and written promotion materials as brochure, posters, post cards and leaflet.
>> Developing virtual marketing tools - independent web sites: www.barentsedu.net and www.studybarents.net;
>> Participating in international fairs, specialized exhibitions in Europe, India and China.

Evaluating and disseminating project results.



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> Vision

Barents Education Network believes that in long term perspective Barents Region Higher Education Area is identified and recognised within the international higher education market, and is part of the European Higher Education and Research Area. In addition it facilitates regional development and contributes to the creation of welfare society by providing highly educated professionals and sustaining growth through research and innovations.

> Future Opportunities

Nevertheless the project “Development of International Marketing Network to Promote Barents Region Higher Education” is in its middle stage and has a limited end. It is creating a platform for future cooperation among higher education institutions in the Barents Region. Partnership developed during the project will continuously maintain future cooperation and generate other international project ideas. Knowledge and experience gained in the project will support and ease future cooperation activities while internal administrative working tools will be developed. In addition experience in international marketing will be expanded.
Barents Education Network will consist of international office directors and employees, external cooperation officers and others interested in development and promotion of the Barents Region Higher Education.
Structured cooperation towards establishment and enhancement of the Barents Region Higher Education Area will be maintained expecting to develop future events, projects.


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Project “Development of International Marketing Network to Promote Barents Region Higher Education” has been launched in November 2004 after the agreement between the European Commission and University of Lapland (the beneficiary) was signed on October 2004.
The project’s duration is three years and it shall end on September 2007.
Please download the file below to view project’s work plan.

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