FEM 2013 - Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining
29 - 31 October 2013, Levi,  Lapland, Finland
The FEM 2011 exhibitors had priority to re-book the same booth space for FEM 2013. The remaining booths as well as the new booths in Hotel Panorama are now available for new companies .

Please check the Trade Show Floor Plans on the event website, on the Trade Show page. Reserved booths are marked with yellow colour.
  • Summit, First floor (Area A)
    • the free booths in the Canada Pavilion are available only for Canadian companies
    • the other free booths in the area are available only for mining and exploration companies
  • Summit, Ground floor (Area B)
    • fully booked, no booths available
  • Panorama (Area C) - NEW TRADE SHOW AREA
    • all booths except for C1 are available for booking
Booths will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis. Each company/corporation can book only one booth.
Booth prices
Summit, First floor (Area A) Booth 6 m2 2 200 € 
Panorama, Area C Booth 6 m2 1 800 €
The booth price includes one full registration (490 €), white infill panels (height 250 cm, width 100 cm/panel), fascia with company name (fascia text in standard letters, fascia height 25 cm), two spot lights (50 W, halogen), one electrical outlet, carpet (red carpet at Canada Pavilion), company name on the FEM 2013 website and in the final conference programme. Booth furniture will be ordered directly from and paid to the trade show constructor MSP Event Oy.
Please add your first and second choice of booth below
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Fees for booths are charged immediately after confirmation. Booth prices include VAT 24 %.
Payment options:
1) Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard/EuroCard, no other cards accepted) 
Please complete the credit card authorization form, sign it and send by fax to the Conference Office.
For security reasons, please do not send it as email attachment. 

2) Invoice
The Conference Office will send you an invoice (paper invoice in PDF form attached to email message). Invoicing fee 10 €/invoice will be added to all invoices.
Please make sure that you have included your VAT number in this form. If your invoicing address differs from
the address given above, please add the correct invoicing address below.
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Invoicing address
 Please add VAT number if you have requested an invoice:
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