Kyösti Kurtakko

Professor in Education
President of university collegium

PhD (University of Lapland)

+358 (0)40 763 9517


Research interests
  • Vocational education
  • Environmental education
  • Development of education
  • Evaluation and assesment
  • Action research
  • Management and administration of education

Key publications

  • Kurtakko K.: 1986. Education as Realization of Conception of the Incomplete World. Experiences, Issues and Consequences of the OKO Project. In Johansson H., Lundgren U. & Popkevitz Th.(Eds.) Challenge Future through Your Culture. Luleå: Luleå University of Technology (pp. 135-142)
  • Kurtakko K.: 1988. Computers and the Improvement of Schoolwork: Experiences from TUKU Project. In Klein H. (Ed.) Case Method Research and Application: New Vistas. Needham MA (USA): WACRA (pp. 121-132)
  • Kurtakko K. & Izadi P.: 1994. A Wholesome Humanity, A Health Environment. University of Laplands Report in Education C: 5 (68 pp.)
  • P. Izadi & Kurtakko K.: 1994. Dynamics And Management of Change: Possibilities of Integrative Consultation. University of Laplands Report in Education C:6 (53 pp.)
  • Kurtakko K.: 1997.Adult Education -- with or over Time? In Kurtakko K.. Kivinen O. & Eskola J. (Eds.): Adult Education Without Barriers -- Discussion and Research in European Context. University of Laplands Report in Education C 16 (pp. 56-65)
  • Kurtakko K. 1998. Action Research - Adventure in Science and Education. In Lehtonen T. (Ed.) Adventure for Life. Perspectives on Issues in Experiential Education. Jyväskylä: Atena. (pp 135-146)
  • Kurtakko K. 2001. Individual School as Innovator of School Reform: School Policy Approach. Nauka I Obrazovanie (Science and Education) n:2/2001 (pp 82-84)
  • Kurtakko K. 2004. Psycho-Social Well-being and Health among Adolescent in Finnish Lapland. In Kurtakko K. , Rantaniemi M. & Holappa P. (Eds.) Research, Education and Environment on The Barents Region. Rovaniemi: Laplands University Press (pp 134-140)
  • Kurtakko K., Rantaniemi M. & Holappa P. 2006. The Lofoten Islands – a meeting of the exotic, the erotic and sustainable development. In Rantaniemi M. & Kurtakko K.(eds.) 2006 Reverberations from the Barents Research and Cooperation. University of Lapland Reports in Education 1 (pp. 152-158)
  • Ahonen A. , Kurtakko K. & Sohlman E. (Eds.) 2006. School, Culture and Well-being. Arctic Children Research and Development Findings from Northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and North-West Russia. University of Lapland Reports in Education 4
  • Kurtakko K. & Rantaniemi M. (2012) Venäjää koskevan lähialueyhteistyön tulokset ja vaikuttavuus opetussektorilla in Rantaniemi M. & Kurtakko K. (Eds.) Opetusalan lähialueyhteistyö suomen ja venäjän välillä 1990 – 2012, Raportit ja selvitykset 2012:15. Juvenes Print – Suomen Yliopistopaino Oy, Tampere. (pp. 3-42)
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