Lenita Hietanen

University Lecturer
Music Education


President of the Scientific Association for Entrepreneurship Education 2016-2017

Member of the European Council for Small Business (ECSB)

Member of the Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA)


+358 (0)40 - 484 4164


Current research interests

  • social and societal equality
  • entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education
  • music education
  • teaching, learning, curriculum 

Key publications

Hietanen, L. (2015), “Facilitating employees' and students' process towards nascent entrepreneurship”, Education + Training, Vol 57 No 8/9, 964-976. 

Hietanen, L. (2015), “Entrepreneurial learning environments – supporting or hindering diverse learners?” Education + Training, Vol 57 No 5, 512-531.

Hietanen, L. & Järvi, T. (2015),”Contextualizing entrepreneurial learning in basic and vocational education”, Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, Vol 9 No 1, pp. 45-60.

Hietanen, L., Uusiautti, S. & Määttä, K. (2014),”Enhancing Entrepreneurship in Learners – an Implementation and Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Education through Music Education”, Problems of Education in the 21stCentury, Vol. 59, pp. 34-48. 

Hietanen, L. & Kesälahti, E. (2015). “Where should I begin? How could I develop?” Handbook for training work life and entrepreneurship skills in comprehensive and general upper secondary schools. Compiled by Hietanen, L. & Kesälahti, E. Outcome of the YriTy (Entrepreneurship and work-life) project. Available online: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-952-484-828-2