Päivi Rasi

Yliopistonlehtori,  mediakasvatus
University Lecturer, Media Education

Dr.Sc. (Educ.), MS Sc (Social Psychology)
Title of Docent

Yhteystiedot/ Contact
p. 040 4844 240 


Current research interests

    * Older people's Internet (non)use and digital competences
    * Psychosocial well-being and older people's internet (non)use
    * ICTs in teaching and learning
    * Online teaching and learning
    * Higher education pedagogy

Key publications


Rasi, P., Hautakangas, M., & Väyrynen, S. (2015). Designing culturally inclusive affordance networks into the curriculum. Teaching in Higher Education, 20(2), 131-142.

Eriksson, M. J., Rasi, P., & Vuojärvi, H. (2014). Comparing the use of computer-supported collaboration tools among university students with different life circumstances. Seminar.net. International Journal of Media, Technology & Lifelong Learning, 10(2).

Rasi, P., & O’Neil, C. (2014). Dinosaurs and fossils living without dangerous tools: Social representations of computers and the Internet by elderly Finnish and American non-users.  Seminar.net. International Journal of Media, Technology & Lifelong Learning, 10(1). http://seminar.net/index.php/about-seminar-hovedmeny-69/75-frontpage/current-issue/215-dinosaurs-and-fossils-living-without-dangerous-tools-social-representations-of-computers-and-the-internet-by-elderly-finnish-and-american-non-users

Hakkarainen, P. (2012). “No good for shovelling snow and carrying firewood” – Social representations of computers and the Internet by elderly Finnish non-users. New Media & Society, 14(7), 1198-1215.

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Hakkarainen, P., & Hyvönen, P. (2010). Tietokoneeton elämä yli 60-vuotiaan valintana – Tunteita ja perusteluja [Over 60 years old person's deliberate choice of computerless life: Emotions and justifications]. Media & Viestintä, 33(4), 79-96.

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