Shahnaj Begum
Shahnaj Begum
Researcher; Ph.D. Candidate
Unit for gender studies
Faculty of Education
University of Lapland

Tel. +358 (0)40 484 4122/
+358 (0)50 4635 987
Email: sbegum at

LL.B. (Honours) LL.M (Dhaka University) Bangladesh
BSc. (Human Ageing and Elderly Services) Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Research Interests
  • Elderly Issues in the North
  • Gender Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Climate Change / Arctic Change
  • Begum, Shahnaj, (2014). "Govering the Uncertain: Adaptation and Climate in Russia and Finland."  Monica Tennberg (editor).  Polar Record (Book Review) pp. 2. Publisher: Cambridge University Press.
  • Begum, Shahnaj, (2013). “Impact of Climate Change on the Elderly People in the Arctic with special focus on the European High North: A Human Rights Perspective” The Yearbook of Polar Law, vol.5, pp. 573 - 602. Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, the Netherlands.
  • Begum, Shahnaj, (2012). “Climate Change and Vulnerability of the Arctic Elderly: An Assessment from Haman Rights Point Of View.” Centre for European Studies CES Working Papers Series Vol. IV; Issue 3a, pp. 459 - 479.
  • Begum, Shahnaj, (2011). “Impact of Climate change on the Elderly in the Arctic Region: Human Rights Perspective”, abstract published in panel 18 ‘Aging and Globalization’ at European Network in Aging Studies, p. 48. Netherlands.
  • Begum, Shahnaj, (2004). “Elderly Care in Bangladesh: A case Study on Family Based care”, Degree Thesis, published at Arcada University of Applied Science, pp. 55. 


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