Program Overview
The purpose of the program is to introduce the salient themes in the field of intercultural communication and to provide students with the theoretical and practical foundation needed to study intercultural interaction. The aim of the teaching is to familiarize students with the communicative practices of Finnish and foreign cultures and to explore the impact of these practices on broader social issues. Intercultural communication skills are particularly significant in a world which is becoming increasingly global and international. The program is designed for Finnish and foreign degree students, exchange students, and special groups. Most of the courses are taught in English; some are given in French, German, Russian or Finnish.

The Program Coordinator and the International Studies Coordinator are responsible for practical implementation of the programme. The Programme coordinator is in charge of the academic implementation, literature exams and matters related to the academic content of the courses. The International Studies Coordinator, who works in the International Studies Centre, is responsible for practical matters such as disseminating information about the programme, scheduling, and maintaining student records.

Program Coordinator
Mr. Ville Jakkula
Language Centre
Mobile + 358 (0)400 193 074

International Studies Coordinator
Mr. Jussi Huotari
Faculty of Social Sciences
International Studies Centre
Mobile +358 (0)40 350 8771 


Compulsory studies 7 ECTS cr

KICP1101 Introduction to Intercultural Communication (7 ECTS cr)

Optional studies 18 ECTS cr

  Language and Culture Studies 6-8 ECTS cr
KICP1201  Optional Language Courses 2-4 ECTS cr
KICP1202  Finnish for Foreigners 2-4 ECTS cr
KICP1203  Advanced Studies in English Language Use and Culture 2-6 ECTS cr
KICP1204  Advanced Studies in Russian Language Use and Culture 2-6 ECTS cr
KICP1205  Advanced Studies in French Language Use and Culture 2-6 ECTS cr 
KICP1206  Advanced Studies in German Language Use and Culture 2-6 ECTS cr
KICP1207  Alternative Courses 2-6 ECTS cr
       KICP1271  Polish Business Culture 1 ECTS cr
       KICP1272  German Business Culture 1 ECTS cr

KICP1103 Applications of Intercultural Communication 10-12 ECTS cr
KICP1301  Technologies and Intercultural Communication (3 ECTS cr)
KICP1302  Reflections on Intercultural Communication (3 ECTS cr)
KICP1303  Dimensions of Intercultural Communication (4 ECTS cr)
KICP1304  Alternative Courses 1-7 ECTS cr 
        KICP1341  Cross-Cultural Business Communication (1 ECTS cr)
KICP1305  Media Studies 1-7 ECTS cr