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American Business Law Journal (AMBLJ)
American Criminal Law Review (AMCRLR)
American Journal of Comparative Law (AMJCL)
American Journal of Criminal Law (AMJCRL)
American Journal of International Law  (AMJIL)
American Journal of Jurisprudence   (AMJJUR)
American Journal of Law & Medicine (AMJLM)
American Journal of Legal History (AMJLH)
American Journal of Tax Policy (AMJTP)
American Journal of Trial Advocacy (AMJTA)
American Law and Economic Review (AMLECONR)
British Journal of Criminology (BJC)
British Tax Review (BTR)
Canada-United States Law Journal (CUSLJ)
Canadian Journal of Family Law (CANJFL)
Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence (CANJLJUR)
Canadian Journal of Law & Society (CANJLS)
Canadian Tax Journal (CANTAXJ)
Chinese Journal of International Law (CHINJINTLL)
Company Lawyer (COMPLAW)
Computer and Telecommunications Law Review (COMPTLR)
Construction Law Journal (CONSTLJ)
Conveyancer & Property Lawyer (CONVPL)
Criminal Law Review (CRIMLR)
Employment Law Bulletin (EMPLB)
Entertainment Law Review (ENTLREV)
EU Focus
European Competition Law Review (ECLR)
European Human Rights Law Review (EHRLR)
European Intellectual Property Review (EIPR)
European Journal of International Law (EURJIL)
European Law Review (EURLR)
Harvard Environmental Law Review (HVELR)
Harvard Human Rights Journal  (HVHRJ)
Harvard International Law Journal (HVILJ)
Harvard Law Review (HVLR)
Human Rights Law Review (HUMRLR)
ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law (ILSAJICL)
Industrial Law Journal (INDUSLJ)
Insolvency Intelligence (ININT)
Insolvency Lawyer (INSOLVL)
Intellectual Property Quarterly (IPQ)
International & Comparative Law Quarterly (ICLQ)
International Arbitration Law Review (INTALR)
International Company and Commercial Law Review (ICCLR)
International Insurance Law Review (INTILR)
International Journal of Constitutional Law (INTLJCL)
International Journal of Law and Information Technology (INTJLIT)
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family (INTJLPF)
International Journal of Legal Information (INTJLI)
International Journal of Refugee Law (INTJREFL)
International Legal Perspectives (INLEGP)
International Legal Theory
International Review of Law & Economics (INRLEC)
International Trade Law & Regulation
Issues in Law and Medicine (ISSULM)
Journal of Business Law (JBL)
Journal of Competition Law and Economics (JCOMLE)
Journal of Conflict & Security Law (JCSECL)
Journal of Environmental Law (JENVTLL)
Journal of Intellectual Property Law
Journal of International Banking Law (JIBL)
Journal of International Criminal Justice (JINTCRJ)
Journal of International Economic Law (JINTECL)
Journal of International Financial Markets (JIFM)
Journal of International Law and International Relations (JILIR)
Journal of Law & Economics (JLECON)
Journal of Law, Economics & Organization (JLECONORG)
Journal of Legal Studies  (JLEGST)
Journal of Personal Injury Law (JPIL)
Journal of Planning & Environment Law (JPL)
Journal of Refugee Studies (JRSTUD)
Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (JAMAML)
Journal of the Institute of Justice and International Studies (JIJINTST)
Journals Indexed (JI-INDX)
Judicial Conduct Reporter (JCR)
Landlord & Tenant Review (LANDTENR)
Law, Probability & Risk (LPRISK)
Law Quarterly Review (LQR)
Lawyer, The (LAWYER)
McGill Law Journal (MCGLJ)
Media Law and Policy (MEDIALP)
Medical Law Review (MEDLREV)
Melbourne University Law Review (MELULR)
Osgoode Hall Law Journal (OSGHLJ)
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (OXJLST)
Planning & Environmental Law Bulletin (PELB)
Public Law
Private Client Business (PCB)
Property Law Bulletin (PROPLB)
Queen’s Law Journal (QUEENLJ)
Saskatchewan Law Review (SASKLREV)
Tax Law Review (TAXLR)
University of New Brunswick Law Journal (UNBLJ)
University of Ottawa Law & Technology Journal (UOTTLTJ)
University of Toronto Law Journal (UTORLJ)
Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues (WINDRLSI)
Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice (WINDYBAJ)
Yale Journal of International Law (YJIL)
Yale Law Journal (YLJ)