Work, Learning and Competence
- Education for the 21st Century

Work, Learning and Competence (WLC) is a training and development program for educational organizations, schools and training centers. The WLC development program provides knowledge and tools for organizing problem and working life based study programs. The training program guides teachers to utilize the ideas of Problem Based Learning and Competence Development based (PBL-CD) pedagogy.
WLC development and training program:

1. Curriculum Development
• Starting seminar (1 day)
• Informing the staff
• Consulting, curriculum development and evaluation in practice
• Curriculum development from the beginning to continuous developing

2. Training for the Management and Innovators (2-3 days)
• Pedagogical Leadership
• PBL-CD committed staff
• Curriculum development

3. Training for Mentors (6 days)
• For teachers, who will act as mentors inside an organization
• Basics of PBL-CD
• Facilitating and mentoring skills
• Curriculum and problem design
• Evaluation and assessment
• Projects, theses, simulations

Further information:

Mr. Anthony Okuogume
Principal Lecturer
Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences
The WLC training program is developed by three Finnish universities.

University of Lapland,
Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences,
Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences,