Julian Reid

International Relations

PhD in Politics (University of Lancaster)

+358 (0)40 484 4232
julian reid.jpg
Research interests
  • Biopolitics of war, security and development
  • Continental political thought
  • Political aesthetics
  • The neoliberal subject


Key publications
  • The Liberal Way of War: Killing to Make Life Live (with Michael Dillon) (New York and London, Routledge, Global Horizons Series, RBJ Walker and Richard Falk eds., 2009)
  • The Biopolitics of the War on Terror: Life Struggles, Liberal Modernity and the Defence of Logistical Societies (Manchester and New York, Manchester University Press, Reappraising the Political Series, Jon Simons and Simon Tormey eds., 2009, 2007 and 2006)
  • 'Life Struggles: War, Disciplinary Power and Biopolitics in the Thought of Michel Foucault', Social Text (86, Spring 2006), pp127-52.
  • 'The Biopolitics of the War on Terror: A Critique of the ‘Return of Imperialism’ Thesis in International Relations', Third World Quarterly (vol. 26, no.2, June 2005), pp237-252.
  • War, Liberalism, and Modernity: The Biopolitical Provocations of ‘Empire’, Cambridge Review of International Affairs (vol.17, no.1, 2004), pp63-79.