Marja Tuominen

Cultural history

Ph.D. (University of Turku 1991)

marja.tuominen (at)
+358(0)40 5706889


Research interests

  • Northern cultural history.
  • Cultural history of northern identities and mentalities.
  • Mental and material reconstruction of Lapland.
  • Byzantine and Orthodox visual history: cultural history of Mother of God.
  • Cultural history of generation dynamics.
  • Methodological approach is to be found in the field of micro history, psycho history and history of mentalities.

Key publications

  • Where the World Ends? Places and Challenges of the Northern Cultural History. They Do Things Differently There: Essays on
    Cultural History. Eds. Bruce Johnson and Harri Kiiskinen. Cultural
    History 9, University of Turku 2011
  • History as a Project of Progress? The North as a Focus of Attention. Progress or Perish. Northern Perspectives on Social Change. Eds.
    Aini Linjakumpu and Sandra Wallenius-Korkalo. Ashgate, Farnham
  • A good world after all? Recovery after the Lappish War. The North Calotte. Perspectives on the Histories and Cultures of Northernmost
    Europe. Eds. Maria Lähteenmäki and Päivi Maria Pihlaja.
    Publications of the Department of History, University of Helsinki
    N:o18, 2005.
  • Bysanttilainen triptyykki. Kolme esseetä Jumalansynnyttäjän kuvasta.
    Suomen Historiallinen Seura 1997. [Byzantine Tripych. Three Essays
    on the Image of the Mother of God. Finnish Historical Society 1997.]
  • "Me kaikki ollaan sotilaitten lapsia." Sukupolvihegemonian kriisi
    1960 luvun suomalaisessa kulttuurissa. Otava 1991. [”We all are
    Children of Soldiers.” The Crisis of Generation Hegemony in Finnish
    Culture in the 1960s. Otava 1991.] Dissertation.