Study opportunities to students in Ukrainian universities
Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply if you have arrived in Finland and have an existing, valid right to study at a Ukrainian university, and your studies have been discontinued due to the war. Studies are free of charge.

There is a capacity for 30 students from Ukrainian universities.  Applications will be processed in arrival order non-stop.  

Admission criteria 

The right to study will be granted based on the applicant’s academic performance, amount and compatibility of their earlier studies with those offered by the University of Lapland. Applicants should have a sufficient proficiency in English or Finnish.

The selection is based on the application with required attachments and a possible interview.

The right to study is valid for a maximum two years. The right to study covers mainly studies provided in English.

Erasmus+ grants for students from Ukrainian universities 

University of Lapland offers up to 30 Erasmus+ grants for 5 month period for students from Ukrainian universities. The grant consists of a monthly support of 1150€ for maximum of 5 months and the potential travel grant from your current location. 

Erasmus+ grants are determined according to the duration of the exchange and the cost of living in the target country. One calendar month makes you eligible for one full monthly payment. For example the period 15 Sep – 14 Oct makes a full calendar month. The days exceeding a full month make you eligible for a daily allowance according to the category (below).

How to apply?

Please apply by using the online application form by March 4, 2025.

The study right

The study right is valid until 31.7.2025.

The study right isn't valid for completing a university degree and it doesn't produce eligibility to student benefits provided by e.g. the Finnish Social Insurance Institution. However students can apply for the Student Union of the University of Lapland's wellness pass without the regular fee.

These studies are free of charge for the students.

Further information

For further information, please contact us at

Study in Finland

Courses in 2024-2025
Faculty of Education
Code Name Notes
KAPS0102V24 Positive Development Across Life course, 5 ECTS
KAPS0113V24 Crises of growth and development, 5 ECTS
KAPS0114V24 Positive psychological perspectives to human agency, 5 ECTS
KAPS0115V24 Relationships and social development, 5 ECTS
KAPS0116V24 The learner´s self-conception and positive pedagogy, 5 ECTS
IEDU00011V24 Finnish System of Education, 2 ECTS
GKAS3411V24 The Phenomenon of Globalization & Cultural Diversity, 7 ECTS
GKAS3412V24 Human Rights, Global Ethos and the Problem of Religion, 6 ECTS
GKAS3413V24 Civic Education, Good Governance & Active Citizenship, 7 ECTS
GKAS3414V24 Theory & Research of Global Education, 5 5 ECTS
MKAS3107V24 Global Media Education, 5 ECTS
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Faculty of Social Sciences

List of course offerings: YTK/SOC - Courses in English 2024-2025 | Opinto-opas (
Faculty of Art and Design
Code Name Notes
UCREA1012 Introduction to Programming, 4 ECTS
UCREA1013 Introduction to Physical Computing, 4 ECTS (this required that UCREA1012 is done first)
UART1105V24 Introduction to Service Design, 5 ECTS
MAAD1102V24 Introduction to Arctic Cultures, 5 ECTS
UYTY0116V24 Socially Engaged Art MOOC, 4 ECTS
UTAK0121V24 Craft-based contemporary art,  4 ECTS  
USOVE1004  Community and Participatory Art, 4  ECTS  
UYTY0206V24 Environmental art workshop, 2 ECTS  
USOVE1003V24 Public art, 4 ECTS  
MAAD1257V24 Sustainability as interdisciplinary competence, 5 ECTS  Master level studies or bachelor level studies almost finished
UMUO3303V24 Tradition and innovation in the Northern perspective, 5 ECTS Master level studies or bachelor level studies almost finished
UMUO4005V24  Arts-Based and Community-Based Participatory Research Approaches,
Master level studies or bachelor level studies almost finished
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Language Centre

Courses in English: KIKE/LC - Courses in English 2024-2027 | Opinto-opas (
Intercultural Studies: KIKE/LC - Intercultural Communication Courses 2024-2027 | Opinto-opas (